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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 3, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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new jersey state government is still closed for business. that means, state parks and beaches remain off limit for this busy fourth every july holiday. that's awe lawmakers town work toward a budget deal. >> and overnight fire rips through an auto body shop giving firefighters all they can handle. >> and people turn out for one of the biggest events of wawa welcome america. watching rocky on the rocky steps. we'll tell you the activities planned for today. >> looks fun. today is monday, july 3rd, good morning, i'm rahel
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solomon, jim donovan is off today. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, hammy monday. lucky jim. oh, nice to be out today. but i will say, nice driving conditions, dry roadways, some construction out there, the vine, open, i know katie lovers this. and a lot of construction normally deal with is not out there. that's good. work crews still throughout. >> i do my rocky pose. >> oh, my goodness, no kidding. all right, well we do have like you mentioned dry roadways at the moment. could there and shower or thunderstorm later on? i think so. but it it -- will it be spotty? i think so. if you have the outdoor plans certainly keep them. first half of the day stays dry. that's the guarantee. but second half of the day, afternoon and evening, the usual culprit, when it comes to timing, that you will likely see a shower or storm fire up on the area radar. even then not everyone is getting hit. all courtesy of frontal boundary if you look closely, keeping the clouds on the tail end of the loop, starting to nudge our way. front dropping in from the northwest, that's going to help trigger that.
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that front actually get stuck here far south into tomorrow. so it keeps things a little on the active side. but, again, no wash out expected in the next few days. for now, though, again, all calm on storm scan3, but very warm, we drop a degree at the airport since last check in the last half hour, still mid 70s, wildwood, atlantic city, dover, very warm start to the morning here. so we can only heat up from here, as you might imagine. ninety-three the call for this afternoon, with generally plenty of sunshine, looks awesome at the shore, but specially the further north and west you travel, late day, meisha, shower or under this earl storm very likely, too. >> good to know. all right, katie, thank you so much for that. very good morning to all of you, happy monday, looking outside on the roadways, just talking about of off the desk looking nice and dry, katie pointed out it will be very warm, make sure the air conditioners are working, schuylkill near king of prussia, looking there, and 95 at the airport, looking good. basically anywhere that we look right now is looking very calm. we can expect that because of the fourth tomorrow. but today and tomorrow
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probably light levels of congestion hopefulliment okay side, ridge pike, pulled off to the far left is this accident. but because of this still very dark out there, it can sneak up on us. jumping on the blue route, ridge pike, flashing lights. forty-two northbound creek road take 4295, what you are working with there, i would say levels are slowly starting to increase here on four it, but overall, what we tip he cannily see is it starts to builds in the 5:00 hour, then holds stilled i in the 6:00 however. so see what happens today. keeping the fourth tomorrow. but overall things still looking good. still traveling around at posted speeds, and, septa fares, they did increase, that went into effect on saturday, holiday schedule tomorrow, we will be talking more this coming up in a little bit. rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. no word yet on what caused overnight fire at auto body shop in gloucester county. this is 3,000 block every delsea drive in franklin, firefighters got it the scene just after 1:00 this morning,
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put the flames out in under an hour. good news is no injuries were reported. >> also, new this morning, police are investigating a possible home invasion in south philadelphia. this happened on the 300 block of west ritner street just before 4:00 this morning, just about an hour ago, told one person was rushed to the hospital at last check there is no word on their conditions. no arrest haves been made. no holiday this morning for new jersey lawmakers, governor chris christie has toll them to get back to work to break the deadlock over a new budget. live, one of the many state parks that pre main closed during the shutdown. good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, people across the state filling up-state parks like this one to find entrances closes he dollars and also big signs like this one, meanwhile governor chris christie has ordered lawmakers back to trend for special section, after he and his family went to a beach that they closed to the public due to this
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showdown. >> i'm pissed off. >> sounds of people like jennifer had to change their independence day weekend plans last minute. >> turned away from the more than 50 new jersey state parks and recreation areas over the weekend. >> it is a holiday weekends watch about all of the kids that had birthday party, paid to rent to have a barbeque here? it is not fair. >> friday, republican governor chris christie ordered the partial government shutdown that closed the parks and other non-essential services, hardball move to give democratic law makers to bends to his will. >> here we are at an impasse. golfed is closed over transparency, i'm at a lost. >> democrat split over the governor's proposal to overhaul the state's largest insurer, horizon blue cross and blue shield. christie said i'll line item any that doesn't come along the passage of his bill. christie's administration has gone as far as printing posters facing the blame for the shutdowns on general assembly speaker vincent prieto. >> in his refusal to post the
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horizon bill for a vote by his fellow makers have impacted the state of new jersey and it residence unnecessarily. >> he said woe like to work on compromise bill on horizon after state budget is passed. >> that is cement in the sand for me. it will be after we pass a budget that we will look at a bill like that that could potentially affect 3.8 million resident in the state of new jersey. >> meanwhile, new jersians already feeling different impact. no state parks, lottery or motor vehicle services until lawmakers come to an agreement. >> just makes you think that the whole system is a joke. >> state law make letters reconvene in trenton at 10:00 a.m. this morning to get working on that budget. but for now, liver outside par vince state park, tran trang do, back to you. >> thank you. delaware has new budget after missing saturday's deadline. signed the $4.1 billion spending plan after it went
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through the legislature tonight make up for shortfall, real estate tax will go up to 4%. the budget also includes higher taxes for alcohol and tobacco products. >> a holocaust memorial vandalized in ocean county, officials trying to find the person sensible for the hateful act. vandals draped the banner on it in front of the lakewood, anyone with information is asked to contact police, $10,000 reward is available for anyone with information leading to an arrest. the suspect in the apparent road rage murder chester county is waking up in jail this morning, there is no bail for david desper. turned himself in yesterday in connection with shooting of 18 year old bee banjo roberson, happened last wednesday on route 100 in west goshen. police say desper shot roberson when his truck and her car tried to merge into the same lane. investigators say they've recovered a gun in his house, as well as the truck. >> this defendant wasn't happy with the way it was going, so he pulled out a gun, and killed this young woman.
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>> after desper turned himself in his parents in delaware county place that note on their home saying their thought and prayers are with the roberson family. >> bianca roberson was planning to attend jacksonville university this fall. the university says it is working on plans to member orm eyes ms. roberson, should have updated announcement in the coming week. it goes on to say our thoughts and prayers remain with her parent, family and friends with their grief from this terrible and senseless tragedy. >> gas explosion inside of lancaster county home killed one utility worker sent three other to the hospital n manner township just afternoon yesterday. we are told utility workers were checking on suspected gas leak, inside after home, that's when the house first wurst into flames. rescue crews rushed to the scene to save the workers who were trapped inside. one neighbor described the devastating blast. >> it felt like massive earthquake, like everything was shaking, glass was going everywhere, wood was going everywhere. the house felt like it was just falling apart.
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>> the explosion destroyed the home and damaged four other in the area. the families who lived in them were all okay, however, in addition to the warning here was killed, two of the injured work remembers in stable condition while the third work is her still in critical condition. >> there is an urgent call for blood donors this fourth every jump. says it needs donors with oh, negative type blood. oh, negative considered universal. newark faces blood bang also says many blood centers along the east coast are issuing emergency appeals, this time last year, there was critical nationwide shortage. >> rocky balboa, would not have been able to run every those steps, not with all of those people on t massive crowd filled the art museum steps for free classic philadelphia film rocky. another welcome america event. >> and july 4th celebrations continue today, throughout the city, the historic district block party start at independence mall, and at 5:00 e sneak peak of the kimmel center broadway line up. then at 7:00 the philly pops
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orchestra is performing right in front every independence hall. finally at 9:00 you can get the screening of the movie sing at franklin jane. to find more information on these event, welcome america. com. >> people in in maine cleaning up this morning, after four confirmed tornados touchdown over the weekend. we will show you the damage people are dealing with this morning. >> some very scary moments on the plane's engine burst into flames. we will tell you where this all unfolded. when we come b
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>> officials in washington state, what caused an amtrak train, 6 miles south every seattle yesterday afternoon, more than 250 passengers had to evacuate the northbound trains. amtrak said it hired busses to accommodate passengers, and several people though did suffer minor injuries. >> initial reports indicated there was only one minor injury as a result of the derailment, four subsequent medical issues after the evacuation, which appeared to be heat related. the cause of the derailment is under investigation. and recovery effort are being undertaken by amtrak at this point in time. >> and four of the trains 15 cars jumped the tracks, firefighters say they were prepared for an oil spill, but
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none so far. >> staying out west, investigators are trying figure out how this passenger plane caught fire after landing, the plane left engine went up in flames after it touched down at denver international airport yesterday afternoon. the flight just left from aspen, passengers were safely evacuated when no reported injuries. firefighters did quickly put out the blaze. >> clean up continues this morning, for folks in maine, that's after four tornados touched down over the weekend. look at this. part of southern and western main were the hardest hit areas saturday. heavy winds, downed trees, and power lines cutting off power to thousands of people. at least one campgrounds was evacuated, because of flashflooding brought on by torrential rains. one said the severe weather was the worst the area had seen in a very long time. >> it was intense, like we've never seen before. we've been here almost 14 years. >> just thankful everyone is okay, and everyone is okay all around, too, you know, no serious injuries, just amazing. >> and the total of seven tornado warnings were issued by the national weather
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service on saturday. officials have reported there is extensive property damage in the area, but no one was hurt. >> time now 5:15. i fear we don't hear often about tornados in maine. >> certainly can happen, that's for sure, really tornado can happen anywhere. the common mitt, too, urban areas don't get tornado activity, just you don't necessarily see them all that often. yes, a lot around weather in general, but certainly you tends to find it in tornado alley. there is an understanding why, right, just the way the geography is set up there. turning our folk us to what's in our weather pattern at the moment isn't heck of a lot. if you do look closely, what you will notice here sacks little line of clouds, that is just moving southeast of yes, great lakes region here, so that's where our frontal boundary is, at least leading edge of it, likely start to see some showers, thunderstorms popping along this line before it reaches us. and we are expecting to see
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couple of showers or thunderstorms specially in the northern half of our area at some point later on today. i don't expect major severe weather outbreak. could certainly with the casino every heat building up in the atmosphere be heavier gustier thunderstorms, keep an eye on, that at the shore, i highly doubt you will have to deal with any of that at all. looks like mainly the northern half of the evening on that would have to deal with, and meantime, there are heavier clusters of storms going on a krass kansas, part of arkansas, none every which will impact us at the moment. do have another system that start toeclip our way toward the tail end of the week. for now any showers or storms we would find would be pretty scattered or spot any nature. now this look like really dreary start to the day at boetsch patrol headquarters, a lot of moisture to work with, this should start to thin out, scour out as the sun comes up. this is not here at beach patrol headquarters in margate one. beaches that slows, so you'll be able to enjoy it if you are thong do that today. all-in-all it, does look like great day at the shore. i think you're mainly going to see sunshine, but there will be spot where you actually spike to 90, the wind at the
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moment, still out of the west southwest. the water certainly feeling a little more, you know, little more comfortable. 70 degrees, is where we are topping off at the moment. uv index, of course it is hi, thankfully the rip currents risk is low, so very tempted to take a dip today. why not? why wouldn't you? finds a pool near you. sunny skies, shower thunderstorm late in the day. it will be hot. at 93 degrees, then we start to cool down, but we stay somewhat active in the forecast through the majority of the week. >> those lucky guys down the shore, katie, that just sounds so nice. speaking of take look, looking at garden state parkway, right down the shore area. you can see, working with there, a lot of nothing. lot of nothing. maybe one headlight out there. really really quiet. then route 55, route 49, to and from being down the shore, too, also, looking very, very quiet. a lot of cameras looking quiet this morning. do have this lone ranger, disable vehicle here, blue route southbound at ridge pike. he's pulled all the way off to the far left, been there for
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quite some time. you might tap your brake ever so slightly travel on by. but overall things are still looking pretty good on the blue route as well bathesly anywhere we look. wide shot, headlight moving in the southbound direction, so as you make your way into center city this is what you are working with. really, just not a lot at all, looks really good. i'm hoping we can keep you at these levels until we reach moved toward the 7:00 hour. enjoy the open roadways for as long as you have them. more than likely you'll have them today as well as tomorrow. mormore to come on construction, in about ten minute or so, rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank youment now for look at this morning's newspaper headlines, for the star ledger,, nj advanced media has exclusive pictures that show new jersey governor chris christie and his family, at island beach state park with closed to the public because of the state's ongoing public crisis, telling but it all morning, governor summer house is on that beach. well, when he was asked whether it is fair that he use the shutdown beach, the government nor said, quote,
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run for governor and you can have a residence there. all right, from the philadelphia inquirer local government in pennsylvania can still choose to banner tax bags after governor tom wolf vetoed a bill banning such measures last week, said the bill made it harder for local governments to meet obligation toss protect the environment. support he is said the bill would have pre served manufacturing jobs. >> and the burlington county times reports on us marine's homecoming. us marine christopher peters returned home, completed seven month of deployment in the middle east and southwest asia, surprised him and his family and gave him an escort home. welcome home. that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> and it may not be basketball season, but the six remembers in action today. we will tell you about the player diehard fans are looking forward to seeing today. that's next in sport. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back, festival of families is 5:00f i know i've been on vacation for a week, but it is july, right? and the of remembers not playing. >> your eyes are not deceiving it, still time for hoops. it might be july but don't tell sixers diehards as utah summer league opens up today against the celtics. excitement level building even meaningless exhibition game. why is that? well, we get to see number one pick, markelle fultz in action for the first time. another player to keep an eye on is former st. joe's start eye sigh a miles, played in france, last season, averaging more than 12-point per game, will play in turk think coming year unless he makes an nba
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rosser. >> a lot of of people are telling me played over there, it is not -- not as much -- i mean, i've done it in france. i think i can do it in turkey. my goal to play as well as i can in summer league, my contract, you know, get out, have a chance to play the sixers. >> nba free agency news, philly native and former villanova star kyle lowry, headed back to the rafters. three year, $100 million deal to stay in toronto, the 31 year old averaged 22-point, 75 cysts per game last year, was named to third all-star team. >> despite the play on the feel, should be fine night at citizens bank park, the phillies face the pittsburgh pirates 7:00 # five, but if you are going, be sure it wear your best medieval looking gear. because game of thrones night. phillies and met yesterday, the finale of the three game series, that's maikel franco giving this one a ride off the wall. two runs would score.
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phils up four-nothing, though not look back. later on, check out aaron al tear in centerfield with the catch. eyes on the ball. that's a weird one. bobbles it off the shoulder. and a double play. not bad. he went, for five with 2k's, give his pass, another look at it, off the shoulder, he drivers on it. went seven. allowed just one run, he was happen which his performance. >> able to use my fastball, able to get my curve ball, did walk through that one. but, just had a competitive mindset. went after those guys, and they all worked out well. got four run lead now, just got to keep going off, that's all your job is, right, everything is head. so just go out there, pound the strike zone, get taught those guys, dot best you can. >> the phillies loan all-star representative was announced yesterday, middle reliever pat, two and two with 139era, 35 appearances, that's the
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sixth best era among nl relieve earls. the all-star game is july 11. union and revolution in chester, albert, from distance, howell err. with the right foot, 78 minutes. union wins three, now, take a look again, because it is worth another check. it is a brilliant goal. andre blake had seventh shut out of the year. the union they're on the road this week, sporting kansas city on thursday night. scary moment from the "tour de france," as defending champion chris rising from great britain goes down in a crash at the front of the pack. the crash is blamed on slick conditions. the cyclists were less than 20 , for yesterday's stage. another brit, thomas, he is the one wearing the yellow jersey. that's just scary stuff. got all of the bike cyst lists in the pile, looks dangerous. >> when he goes down, domino. >> nothing you can do about that. >> pat, thank you. >> thanks, rahel. >> many services are closed
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today in new jersey, and it is not because of the independence day holiday. the fight over the state budget set having an impact on family vacations. we'll be right
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in a employment. first what you need to start ooh day in a minute on this monday, july 3rd, 2017. >> ♪ >> here, safer raj, sent less, brutal act from one human took another human being. >> police say david desper, the man who shot and killed bianca roberson in a apparent act of road rage. >> he pulled out a gun, and killed this young woman. >> if they sent me a budget today, the shutdown would be over. >> state law make letters reconvene in trenton 10:00 a.m. this morning to get working on that budget. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house. but i'm president, and they're not. >> the commander in chief tweeted this doctored video of himself fighting with cnn.


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